Friday, July 23, 2010

Something tells me it's a good idea to have a programming blog.

For one thing, I hear blogs make you rich. Second, it's good discussion at parties. (though this goes without saying.) Third, I'm shooting for tenure, and this really impresses the committee. Fourth, programming blog posts are instant laughs, and a joke a day keeps the doctor away. Speaking of health, Benefit Number Five of programming and blogging is the sweet bulging biceps you get from coding, which in turn helps with Goal Six: aikido mastery. Seventh, a thorough understanding of programming helps you realize and comprehend the oneness of all things, so hopefully we can all learn together here.

I'll not prescribe too much what this blog will be. It'll sort of chronicle my adventures in coding, which right now are making friggin' sweet Web App Frontends with Java and Javascript and a bunch of Google tools at work, and making at least marginally competent Android apps at home.

Let's get the culture wars out of the way too: IDE's are the only goddamn reasonable tools to write code, the higher-level language the better, and git is the stupid content tracker. Oh, and well I'm gonna be rather biased in a Googley direction, although I'll try (try!) to keep that in check. Don't want to get all fanboy about it; it's only the best big software company on the planet.

(and in case you're wondering about perk number 8 of a programming blog: it's the chicks.)

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  1. subscribered

    i'd like to complain about eclipse not playing nicely with my samsung vibrant